SaaS vs On-premises from the perspective of software vendors for the financial and healthcare industries

If recurrent revenues aren’t a significant part of your bottom line, then you’re probably part of the last wave of software providers converting to SaaS.

And this is probably because your target market has been reluctant to buy SaaS or because a particular feature of your market makes it less…

(An English version will be available soon : Acquiring the digital core competency thanks to low code platforms: the why and the how )

Le low code un outil pour initier l’acquisition de la core competency digital

Les expressions low code, no code, plateforme digitale, plateforme agile, “digital expérience platform” trouvent de plus en plus leurs chemins dans les comités de direction et…

Bilel Bouraoui

Board member for SaaS companies, advisor to banks, obsessed by growth, I write about fintech, data-driven growth , product management and Design

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